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The Belgian Evangelical Mission is a Belgian Christian organisation serving in Belgium.

For nearly a century the BEM’s desire has been for each inhabitant of Belgium to have a personal encounter with Christ. We want to bring the Good News to individuals, be a good witness in all of our towns and villages and become a source of inspiration for the evangelical world.

We are developing church planting strategies and contemporary tools for sharing the Gospel, also distributing Bibles and other Christian literature. The BEM vision is underpinned by our values: team work, unity, flexibility, a willingness to serve, transparency, commitment, creativity and perseverance.

Mission Field

In the heart of a postmodern and dechristianised Western Europe we find the tiny kingdom of Belgium. Its capital, Brussels, is known for hosting the headquarters of international organisations, among them NATO and the EU. Despite being obviously rich materially the country is spiritually poor.


London, First World War. An American couple meets Belgian soldiers recovering from wounds they have been inflicted in the Ypres campaign. Ralph and Edith Norton share the Gospel and bring many to faith. After the war, they cross the Channel and found the Belgian Gospel Mission in Brussels.


Flemish, French and National Councils, Director’s Committee, regional groups… Discover the internal functioning of the BEM.

Profession of Faith

This document sets forth the defining doctrinal position of the Belgian Evangelical Mission. Everything we as organisation proclaim and do is based upon the beliefs expressed in this document.

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