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VIANOVA – Jesus Opens A New Way For Us

VIANOVA – Jesus opens a new way for us

The Belgian Evangelical Mission becomes … VIANOVA

There’s nothing new under the sun…. Well, almost – until Jesus opens a new way for us, something totally unexpected. For centuries, the prophets had foretold, sought and searched without really understanding (1 Peter 1:10ff). And everyone was taken by surprise, even the angels, and the devil himself. God came down to us by taking human form, to reveal Himself to us and to open for us a door to a way that we could not have hoped for. Thanks to His sacrifice, “He has opened for us a new and living way” (Heb. 10:20). Jesus, the only way to come to the Father (John 14:6).

In a country where Jesus on the Cross is put up at almost every street corner, the way of Jesus is nothing new. Jesus can be seen everywhere; however, He is forgotten from our history, from the lives of our contemporaries, from their journeyings, from their wanderings. This is our call: to show the newness of the way of Jesus. Not a religion, nor a positive philosophy, not an institution, nor a series of rules, but a way of life renewed, transformed, accompanied by Jesus Himself.

Among the churches that struggle with their identity and their relations with contemporary society, we want also to inspire another way. This renewed way brings us to a meeting with others where they are, those who are outside, and integrates us into their world. It leads us to walk with others, disciples of Jesus or not yet that, in their journeying in life, offering a community life that is re-imagined, relevant, contemporary and rooted in the Gospel.

VIANOVA, a new way, our mission, our call for the world, for the church and for the Kingdom of God.
VIANOVA, our new name.

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