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Throw Your Net On The Other Side

Throw your net on the other side

[by Kurt Maeyens, Director for the Dutch and German-speaking ministries]

In B.E.M. at this time we’re actively engaged in trying to understand how God wants to use our mission to bring the Gospel to contemporary society. While considering this question, we were struck by the verse in John Chapter 21 verse 6 ‘Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.’ Just imagine,- the disciples are fishing on the Sea of Galilee and have caught nothing. And someone shouts from the shore, “Have you got any fish to go with my bread?” “No” they yell back. “Then throw your net on the other side.” And they do it, even if they’ve fished all night to no avail, and even if they still don’t know who it is who’s speaking to them.

Jesus calls us to leave our comfort zones and to throw our net on the other side. God wants us to be His hands and His feet. He wants our identity in Him to shine out to everyone around us. He wants our hearts to be moved by the destiny of all those don’t yet know God. He grieves that we’re ‘consumers’ Sunday after Sunday, that our top priority is our own well-being. He calls us to throw our nets on the other side. Can’t we see those in the world who are lost? We need to get out of our comfortable ‘bubbles’! Isn’t this the example Jesus gave us when He came down to earth? (Philippians 2 v.5-8) Christmas teaches us that Jesus left the glory of heaven, His comfort zone, to take on the form of a frail little baby. He put aside all His divine rights to come and save a lost world. Moved by our plight, God gave what was dearest to Him– His own Son. The Triune God ‘threw His net on the other side.’

He calls us to do the same. Throw your net on the other side. Don’t be afraid to leave your own little Christian world and go out into the world. Go and find the hearts that God has prepared in advance. Ask Him where He wants you to make a difference. My deepest desire is that we might have an impact for good on the society in which we live, because we’re placing our trust in God, because we’re loving our neighbour.

Happy Christmas!

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