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[by Renate Lamparter]

Have trolley, will travel
Not long ago I acquired a ‘shopping’ trolley. It is really practical for a religious education teacher who has so much in the way of supplies to take to school.

Now that we have moved house, it is even more useful. The school being close by, I can go on foot. I get everything ready the night before. When I open the front door in the morning, the silence hits me and I hesitate. My head fills with questions. “Can I really trundle my trolley over the paving at such an early hour? If someone is asleep, they are bound to wake up. We are new here; I don’t want to make a bad impression.”

So I carry the shopping trolley across the courtyard to the path. But I can’t put it down there – it won’t run on the gravel.  I find myself carrying it further with both hands. It’s not easy. After all this effort, I finally reach the road where I can use it as originally intended. The wheels are noisy but here that does not worry me so much. Anyway, no one knows me here. As I draw closer to the school, the sound of the traffic drowns out the racket from my trolley. No more worry. I am free!

All this makes me think… aren’t we like this when we are sharing the Gospel? We know that it is the best possible news, but we don’t live as if we know it. We look around. Are we in the right place? Is this a good time? Are people going to think we are strange? We don’t want to make too much noise because we don’t want to hustle anyone. Do we automatically imagine that no one would have time for a deep discussion? Aren’t we worrying too much? Might we not be missing opportunities for sharing the best news in the world?

I need more self-confidence – at least for sharing the Gospel.

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