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News In Brief – September 2018

News in brief – September 2018

Flemish Bible Exhibition 2018

Over the last 13 years the Bijbel-Expo has welcomed 45,000 visitors in Flanders. Before the summer, in Tienen, there were 760 visitors. Their experiences were positive, as the visitors’ book testifies – ‘The exhibition exceeded my expectations. The history was interesting and relevant. Thank you!’ and again ‘We had a thrilling journey through time and covering different inventions. Clever use of modern technology! It spoke to me.’

This autumn, the Bijbel-Expo will be on show in Lummen from the 24th September to the 5th October and at Hoogstraten from the 10th to the 24th of October. More information is available on the website

We are URGENTLY seeking a coordinator (M/F) for the Expo. All the info is HERE. It would be such a shame to have to close the Expo for lack of staff…

Géraud & Elsa Graf

Married since 2012, Géraud and Elsa Graf spent several years working with young people before joining the Geneva Bible Institute (IBG). For two years, as part of their course, they worked in France on a church-planting project. There they discovered the necessity of reaching out to people where they are, of showing them love and of sharing their lives. This is a dynamic that Géraud and Elsa hope to find in Belgium where God has opened the doors for them to spend two further years of training in the BEM mission post L’Autre Rive in Gembloux.

Kurtis and Julia Diederich

Kurtis and Julia Diederich, members of the Navigators USA network, are joining the mission post in Gembloux for two years of training in the development of an alternative integrated local community. Apart from improving their French language skills, they will take an interest in different aspects of the local ministry as well as the philosophy and strategy behind the Gembloux community. Eager to participate in the spread of the Good News in our country, they’re very happy to be becoming part of the BEM family. Kurtis and Julia will also represent the Navigators in Belgium.

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