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Family Trump

Stephen and Ruth Trump made the journey to Belgium from England in 1987 with their four young children. They felt then, and still feel now, that it’s a privilege and an adventure to serve God and His church in Belgium. They began in Chênée (Liège), then Libramont, Ottignies, Binche, and Philippeville. But this journey has not been undertaken alone.

They’re grateful to the 3 UK churches and the 25 individuals who’ve given money over the years and prayed faithfully. Grateful also to their BEM co-workers, to the solidarity of neighbouring churches, to the Belgian Bible Institute and of course, to their congregations. And through the journey, they’ve known the love and support of their children, and their spouses. The journey’ s not finished yet, and they hope to keep up links with Belgium from the UK.


100th Birthday Book

We are nearly there! May 11th is not only the date for our big BEM centenary celebration but also the publication date for ‘Ta Parole est la Vérité / Uw Woord is de waarheid’ (Thy Word is Truth). This work, which will be available only in French and Dutch, relates the 100 years of the Belgian Evangelical Mission – a journey into the past. Over 200 photos illustrate the narrative, and the annexes list the churches founded by the Mission and the names of those who faithfully served them. This labour of love took Henk van Dorp nearly ten years to complete. “If you are, in one way or another, participating in the building of God’s Kingdom in Belgium, this book is for you! God’s unfailing faithfulness is a source of inspiration for the future,” Henk declares.

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