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News In Brief – March 2018

News in brief – March 2018

New recruits

Our urgent appeal for a new co-worker for the administration department has been heard! Rianne comes from the Netherlands and is married to Stephen, who’s from South Africa. He will soon be joining the B.E.M. maintenance team. “We were both looking for work and the B.E.M. needed staff. We’re helping each other. I can really see the hand of God in all that,” she explained. The position in the accounts office has also been filled part-time by Geert Luchtenberg, who’s working two days a week. However, we’re continuing to pray for a co-worker to fill the post full-time.

On the market and in old peoples’ homes

EUPEN – at the approach of Christmas, many B.E.M. ministries organise something special; one example is our German-speaking Mission post in Eupen. Last year, as usual, the church had a stand on the town’s Christmas market. More than 2000 calendars were distributed to passers-by between the 15th and 17th December. Andreas Seidlitz, the pastor, tells us that more and more people admitted they were really looking forward to receiving these calendars and that they appreciate the bible verses. We’re praying that God will use the calendars to touch hearts.

BINCHE – It’s become a tradition in Binche: at Christmas, they sing. This year, the church choir celebrated the coming of the Saviour in three care homes in the town while accompanying the carols with true-life stories. Whilst the music brings a lot of pleasure to those who hear it, it certainly also contributes to building strong links within the little church of Binche, strengthening them spiritually and encouraging them to share their faith with those around them.


In the previous issue of RALPH, we presented the little book #Pray4Belgium which includes ten stories of B.E.M. missionaries, past and present. The translations in French, Dutch and German are under way. As soon as they’re available, we’ll let you know. If you would like a copy in Dutch, it can already be ordered at


B.E.M.’s New Vision

Last year, the strategy committee of the B.E.M. worked on developing a new vision for our Mission. A first draft was presented to our co-workers in October. The new vision will finally be approved at our up-coming A.G.M. in April. You’ll be hearing more about all this in the next issue of Ralph.

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