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Working with others for the Lord, what could be more exciting? Serving coffee, smiling, praying silently, being able to give a word of encouragement or share a little of the truth, just what’s needed at that moment….. being able to love others whilst respecting the rhythm of their spiritual journey. Would you like to pray for Expressé, or to support us financially? The café will soon be ready to open, but we still need your help to cover renovation costs and for the purchase of furniture and machines.

It’s equally urgent that we find a co-worker who’s available at least four days a week. Might you be ready to join this exciting adventure? Then don’t hesitate!


Jon & Stephanie Howard

They’ve left Arizona for Hannut! Jon and Stephanie Howard are finally able to make their long-held dream a reality: to be overseas missionaries. In October 2007 they visited Germany, Austria and Belgium in collaboration with Kontaktmission, and they fell in love with our ‘flat country’. However, they had to wait ten years before they were actually able to ‘cross the pond’. “We thought we’d be coming to Belgium with four young children, but the Lord decided we’d be bringing four teenagers. We’re here for at least two years, but we’re thinking long-term. We have so much to learn and many concepts to re-think. We want to be His disciples in Hannut.”


Benny & Berit Raemdonck

On September 3rd, Benny Raemdonck joined the B.E.M. Public Relations Department in Brussels. Ever since their marriage Benny and his wife, Berit, have longed to serve the Lord. “When I heard that the B.E.M. were looking for someone to work in Public Relations, I didn’t hesitate for a second! Several of the tasks listed in the job description have been hobbies of mine for years. It’s such a blessing to be able to do all that for the Lord,” explains Benny. “What’s more, I’ve arrived at very exciting time: I’ll be able to see B.E.M.’s new vision taking shape. I’m so thankful to be able to contribute an attractive visual presentation of the new vision to the world.”

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