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While taking into account the actual trends within the Belgian society the ministries of the BEM organise all sorts of activities allowing them to reach the local people and make Jesus Christ known locally.

Several outreaches in our church plants (quizzes, literature distributions, concerts, etc.) allow the team in charge to win their neighbour’s trust so that they can (sometimes after years) accept an invitation to Bible studies.

Our bookshops offer resources for evangelism to Christians. They also attract non-Christians who find it less intimidating to enter a bookshop than a church.

Other ministries of the BEM are focused on specific groups: in French-speaking Belgium, La Courte Echelle (‘Boost’) creates evangelism programmes for children; in Flanders, SportQuest reaches the youth with the Gospel through sport. Our Bible exhibition (available in French or Dutch) presents bits of the Gospel message while offering an historical approach of the scripture and the Scriptures.

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