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Journey To The Future

Journey to the future

Our young people are our future, so RALPH was eager to meet them. We asked Eunike, Michiel, Loorke and Sterre for their thoughts on evangelism.

What, for you, are the dos and don’ts?
What would you mean by ‘journey’?

Eunike – 15

DO’S Be a light in the world! My classmates swear a lot, but I don’t. They have noticed that I am different and asked why. I explained that I was a Christian and that was why I won’t swear. Now, they sometimes ask me questions about my faith. When someone has problems, I ask if I can pray for them.

DON’TS When I am asked about faith, I explain but without trying to impose my own opinion. There’s no point; only God can change hearts. I want to make a difference by reflecting God’s love! As a result, curiosity leads folk to ask questions about faith. Forcing belief is an absolute no-go!

JOURNEY A great core value! If you have a gift for street evangelism, use it. However, every Christian should be a model for those around them and accompany them on their journey. We often hear of conversions happening at the end of a long process with a Christian friend. I have a friend who is currently taking steps towards faith.

Michiel – 19

DO’S Don’t underestimate social media! I don’t know of many mission organisations that really use it. In our churches we often mention the dangers but I believe that it is also a superb tool for evangelism. As a SportQuest team member, I find sport useful for building relationships where I may also be able to share the Gospel.

DON’TS What absolutely does not work: doing nothing! Everyone has their own way of evangelising, and it’s not for me to judge others. But I do find it a shame to opt for an impersonal approach and give a maximum of information in a short space of time. When you bewilder someone with dozens of bible verses, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll obtain the opposite result.

JOURNEY Excellent! For me, this is perhaps the most important core value. Faith is to be seen in the little things of daily life. In the long run, those around you will see the difference. Too often, we lack patience and we want someone to be converted in haste. I am afraid of this impatience creating the opposite effect. I am more in favour of a gentle stroll rather than a race, a journey accessible to all!

Loorke – 17

DO’S Don’t avoid discussions! Be a good listener and try to show that you understand. I lead discussion groups for ‘Alpha’ and I find this a really good approach. Personal testimony can also have a great impact on non-Christians. God does do miracles, even today! However small the miracles might be, share them. Let others know what God means to you!

DON’TS Tracts! No! Out of 50 distributed, 44 end up on the ground or in the bin. Stopping people on the street, telling them that your faith is the only true one, often fails. Moreover, this strategy can scare people off. I am not saying that this method never works, but I have the impression that it is no longer appropriate.

JOURNEY That’s great! I am far from being perfect like Jesus, but if I aim in the right direction others will notice a difference. Sometimes doors are open for me to talk to others about Jesus and just walk along with them. I believe that God can use us through friendships to make known the Gospel.

Sterre – 17

DO’S Evangelise in little ways too! God has put us in a small country, Belgium, surrounded by unique individuals also placed here by Him. An accident? Of course not! We must manifest His greatness through our love for them.  The little pieces of a puzzle make a beautiful picture. In addition, I like to invite non-believers along to Christian events.

DON’TS We must never forget that it is He Who works through us. We shouldn’t try to evangelise in our own strength. We need to tell folk what God means to us, how He touches our hearts. When what we are saying does not come from deep within, it’s lifeless. Anything else to avoid? God can use any situation to draw someone to Him.

JOURNEY Some things we do to reflect Jesus seem pointless but for those around they may be the first seed planted. Who knows? Or perhaps the last little push that someone needs. Our God is great! We can’t give up because someone seems indifferent. Some years ago, an acquaintance chose the broad way; today he is a born again Christian.

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