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Jesus, A Comic Strip Character?

Jesus, a comic strip character?

Dear friends of BEM,

As you read this issue of RALPH you’ll discover more about the new trajectory BEM will be taking in the years to come. This has come out of more than two years’ reflection and prayer, and we’re happy to be able to share the results of our labours with you.

Our new strategy takes us back to the reason Ralph and Edith Norton set up our Mission nearly a century ago. Today as then, our deepest desire is to share the good news of the Gospel with the millions of Belgians who don’t yet know Jesus. We realise, however, that in this changing world where most of the population no longer even know who Jesus is, we need a new approach.

Hilde Deleebeeck, BEM missionary in Brakel, has been struck by these changes. ‘What I see in my ministry is the Christian faith just disappearing from society. When I became a Christian, I‘d had a Catholic background and a Catholic education which had given me good foundations. But that just doesn’t happen anymore.’

Hilde’s been in contact with one family in Brakel for over 16 years.’ I take them the Christian magazine Wegwijzer every three months, and the children have taken part in Sportquest for several years. Now I’ve started a beginner’s course with one of the sons. In our third session we were looking at the person of Jesus. I asked him what his school friends thought about Jesus and he replied, “For most of them he’s just a character out of a comic strip.”   That was a real eye opener for me!’

BEM is facing an exciting year of big changes. Can we continue to count on your prayer and financial support? Your gifts enable us to witness for Christ in relevant and powerful ways throughout Belgium. So please don’t hesitate! As always, we’re very grateful for any help and support you are able to give.

God bless you,

Kurt Maeyens

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