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#INTEGRATION: Get on board!

Being a reflection of Jesus where you are doesn’t have to involve big changes. Christel would suggest that we just ask God, “Lord, am I where you want me to be?” and accept His answer, however unlikely it seems to us. You can also just take the initiative and contact local organisations that are looking for volunteers. Google ‘volunteering’  + your locality to find them.

The Christmas period is fast approaching – a time when there’s always so much going on in the way of volunteer efforts, so why not join in? You can share your stories with us on your favourite social media using the hashtag #BEMINTEGRATIONCHALLENGE. Let us know what you’re doing to reflect Jesus where you live. Right up to January 31st we’ll be collecting your stories to go onto the BEM Brussels Facebook page so we can all share them.

Let’s get together and start a movement of integrated Christians, full of God’s love, ready to reach out to our neighbours!

HELP! I’d like to join in, but I don’t know how to get involved!

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