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[by Luc Salsac, Director for the French-speaking ministries of the BEM]

When we listen to the news on the radio or television, we cannot but conclude that all is not well with the world. The items follow one after another, each one more tragic or more dramatic than the last. Recently there’ve been many tragedies involving young people and children. One adolescent committed suicide because of an exam failure; others have put an end to their lives after continual harassment at school and on social media. Yes, our young people are suffering, and they’re lacking guidelines.

A few years ago a Catholic organisation used advertisement hoardings in Herstal to mount a publicity campaign. It featured two children sitting on a bench with the wording: ‘They need guidelines. So why not the Gospel?’

Psalm 119 v.9 says: ‘How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your Word.’

Yes, our society has rejected God/put God aside, and this idea is gaining ground all around us. Look at how young people are trying to exist by living life ‘to the full’, sometimes even putting their own lives in danger. It’s only the Word of God that can enable us to make sense of life, for He gave us our lives in the first place/ is the source of life.

But there are also young people who want to transform the world, to change things. I’m hearing these days more and more frequently of young people who want to make things happen, who dream of making a difference. Some do take action, but many just dream about it. Perhaps they’ve become discouraged by the older people around them who’ve given up on their dreams…

Yet there are many initiatives reaching out to the new generation. I’m so glad to see them already under way in our different situations. I rejoice in the work that BEM’s doing with ‘SportQuest’ and ‘Boost’ in bringing the Good News of Jesus to young people and children, for it is He and He alone who can transform lives to make them really able to make a difference in this world in which we live. I invite you to discover more in reading this issue of ‘RALPH’.

Please pray for these efforts as they take place throughout the year, pray for the young people of our churches that they might be agents of change in our society, pray for the young people where we live so they might discover the revolutionary Word of the Gospel. And, above all, let’s love these children and young people who need guidelines, so that by the grace of God, we might be signposts leading to the Guide, He Who is the way, the truth and the life: Jesus.

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