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EDITORIAL – Tools For Our Task

EDITORIAL – Tools for our task

[by Benny Raemdonck]

We are in 2017 and I have no idea that the BEM is going to develop a new vision leading to such a radical metamorphosis. I think that when an organisation changes its name, we can call it radical metamorphosis, can’t we? You didn’t know? Now you do. From May 11, 2019, the BEM will officially call itself VIANOVA. As you turn the pages of this magazine, you will discover our new logo and the reason we chose this new name.

Back in 2017, even if I don’t know what lies ahead for the BEM, I can see what’s going on in my own life. God is at work. My wife and I receive a new call. God fills our hearts with a passion for evangelism, for making His Word known. When we share our ideas with the BEM missionaries they reply that our ideas perfectly fit the new vision of the Mission. We realise that similar ideas are emerging with other Christians and Christian organisations. Suddenly it becomes clear: God is at work in this land and the new BEM vision has been God’s inspiration! I find it thrilling to see how this new vision is coming into being, step by step. However, I cannot ignore the fact that this is a challenging time. This is why I invite you to redouble your prayers for the BEM. Please pray that our decisions will be 100% in line with His will. Pray that the leaders of BEM will continue to hear His voice and follow the path that He has laid out.

The preceding issues of RALPH spoke of COMMUNITY and of INTEGRATION;this issue tackles the concept of JOURNEY. In three months we will close this series with PARTICIPATION. Each of these four core values are presented in detail and illustrated with interviews or concrete examples. Our new vision focuses on these values saying, “We see a thriving movement of integrated Communities of disciples of Jesus throughout Belgium.” We want to make disciples and bring them together into communities so that they will reflect Jesus. Our four core values are not an end in themselves, but tools that enable us to put our vision into practice.

The priority of VIANOVA remains unchanged: to make known the Word of God! Perhaps you thought our use of the expression ‘radical metamorphosis’ somewhat pompous?  Should we rather say ‘complete update’? Or indispensable adaptation in order to remain relevant with regard to our contemporaries? An adaptation that speaks to young people? Read pages 6 and 7 to see what our youngsters have to say to us. Happy reading!

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