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Dear friends,

In this issue we come to the concept of ‘journey’, the third of our Mission’s four core values: walking, journeying together on a daily basis, being salt and light to those around us. Journeying together – that makes me think about the Mission’s new name and new logo. (Have I made you wonder what they might be? If you look through your magazine you will find the answer!) We want so much for people to discover Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life! Journeying together – that makes me think about God’s faithfulness. How He has provided and led over the last 100 years, an entire century of journeying with Him has proved that, without Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5).

Journeying together – that makes me think of you! Yes, you who hold this letter in your hand. Without your help, your participation, your prayer and your support, the missions work in Belgium would be in danger of failure. By supporting us, you have enabled hundreds of missionaries to serve in Belgium over these last years, and you have enabled thousands of Belgians to hear the Gospel. Thank you for your commitment, as much emotional as financial!

The work is not yet finished. The spiritual need of Belgium remains so great. There are young people who have never heard the Good News and older folk without hope for the future. The harvest is great, but the workers are few. What the Mission needs is an influx of new collaborators, coming to work as His servants in the Master’s vineyard. And we need to pay these collaborators. Some young families have approached us but cannot join us as they are not able to assemble the necessary group of supporters. Could you consider supporting our work? Could you support our missionaries so that the Gospel can continue to be proclaimed in Belgium, by the grace of God?

In advance, we thank you with all our heart.
May God bless you.

Kurt Maeyens

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