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Dear friends,

This time RALPH is all about integration – and what a great illustration this is – a fish in an aquarium at the bottom of the ocean. What a great challenge too! Isn’t this sometimes how we are living-? We are comfortable in our own bubble -we need nothing more. But of course, we have failed to realise that we are missing the point!

All of us are striving to work out what integration means for our own lives. Even those of us who work in the office here in Brussels are thinking about what it means to be integrated into the world around us. Working in a Christian environment, I can easily lose contact with the outside world. I need to make deliberate choices to make sure that I will meet and serve those who are ‘not yet Christians’.

This brings me to a question that I have for you; it is often very difficult for the office staff to find their much-needed financial support. This is why we have a fund that gives a ‘leg up’ to those who are willing to undertake this work until they have managed to find what they need. At the moment, we have a deficit of Euros 30,000. Might you be willing to help us eliminate this short-fall? And/or could you envisage helping our staff fund on a monthly basis? Your one-off gift or monthly support would be an immense help – please mention ‘Staff fund’ with your gift if you are able to help.

We are so thankful to God for the great Gift that He has given to each of us,

Jan Wisse

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