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BEM Value #1: Community

BEM value #1: Community

Dear friends,

We’re happy to bring you the new issue of ‘RALPH’. In this and the following issues we’ll be exploring our BEM DNA or, if you prefer, our BEM values. Our DNA is the essence of what we are, something we should always keep in mind. In this issue we’re looking at community. Later issues of ‘RALPH’ will look at three other core values.

‘Community’ – so are we talking about our relationship with God, or our relationships with each other? John is very clear about this in 1 John 4 v.20 when he asks how someone can say they love God while hating their brother. In other words, our relationship with our brothers is a reflection of our relationship with God. Quite a thought, isn’t it? We want to bring people together as a community so they can work on their relationship with God, so they can move from the visible to the invisible.

We hope to launch new ‘community’ projects in the coming year – would you like to contribute? It costs money to start something new and we would like to establish a fund to finance the creation of new communities, to the glory of God the Father.

May you be blessed by your reading of ‘RALPH.’

Jan Wisse

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