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A Letter For You – March 2018

A letter for you – March 2018

Dear friend of the BEM,

‘I’m intelligent and I like to use my mind. I thought intelligent people didn’t believe in God.’ These are the words of David Vanpachtenbeke who tells his story in this issue of ‘Ralph.’

We hear this kind of talk on a regular basis in our work. Our missionaries in Belgium meet an enormous number of people who no longer believe in God, who say it’s not for them, or that it’s irrelevant these days. Mission work in Belgium is not easy!

But when David was invited by a classmate to a Sport-Quest week, his image of Christians changed little by little. A year later, when he went again, he was touched by the welcome given him by the Christian friends he met there. He began to ask questions and, in a long private conversation, he was challenged to give God a chance.

Is this issue, David tells us how he finally had a personal encounter with Jesus. It’s a joy to share stories like his. From the very beginning of the B.E.M. in 1919, it’s been our desire to see Belgians turning to Christ. Each time a heart is touched and transformed by Jesus Christ, we’re so thankful to Him.

But we cannot do this work without your prayer and faithful support. Would you consider the possibility of supporting the work of B.E.M., – either with a one-off gift or on a regular basis? By your gift you become a partner in our ministry, helping us reach throughout Belgium to bring the Gospel to people like David.

Thank you in anticipation.
May God bless you,

Kurt Maeyens
Belgian Evangelical Mission

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