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100th Birthday Book

100th Birthday Book

To celebrate the centenary of the BEM, we thought we’d publish a ‘100th birthday book.’

Henk van Dorp has been doing lots of research into the archives of the BEM and he’s collected many stories into a book which he’s calling ‘Uw woord is de waarheid / Ta parole est la vérité’. (‘Your Word is the Truth’). It will be published in French and Dutch in May 2019. (Sorry it’s not available in English!)

The book takes us step by step through 100 years of evangelism and church-planting by the Belgian Evangelical Mission, an organisation founded in 1919 by an American couple, Ralph and Edith Norton.  Every important phase of the Mission’s history is covered. Many personal stories are told. ‘Uw woord is de waarheid / Ta parole est la vérité’ not only makes its own unique contribution to the history of missions in Belgium, it also points to the greatness of God and shows what He can do through ordinary people.

The price of the book is €24.95. Orders from Belgium and the Netherlands received before March 1st 2019 will be sent post free! The Brussels office is happy to accept orders from other countries but you will have to pay the postage yourself.

You can reserve your copy via our website:


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